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Visit this History Museum that is comprised of a collection of installations, exhibits, artifacts of fine art and cultural history.  You will be captivated as you view the life-size, ‘slices of life’ that depict African-Americans as they have strived for survival in a developing “civil” society.

Experience the museum and be emotionally moved by the visual representations that cover centuries of significant historical eras from the enslavement of Africans through the American systems of slavery, reconstruction, and integration to the 44th President of the United States of America.

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LATIBAH Cultural eXchange

LATIBAH Cultural eXchange LATIBAH Cultural eXchange
LATIBAH Cultural eXchange presents an unparalleled experience for all ages of the community! LATIBAH Cultural eXchange Celebrates History and Embraces Diversity.  We first celebrate history by honoring East Africa in Antiquity by exploring Kemetic Yoga, Capoeira, and Extraordinary Legacies of Classical East Africa. And In the Spirit of Diversity LATIBAH also honors Asian Culture as we […]
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Latibah ALIVE

Latibah ALIVE
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