It’s high time we start to talk about our culture, and the best way to do it is by expanding our culture horizons inside a museum. In this age of technology, we can experience things before we make a choice to visit a place and to help you guide in your journey finding out the best museums around you, we present to you this elite collection of apps from the world’s best museums on your Android device.


The majority of these applications follow a similar pattern for the user interface, offering a selection from a wide range of the museum’s collection through high definition-quality photos and information about each piece, and also helpful in guided tours that can be selected based on individual interests.


Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is one of the largest museums in the US, with a collection of more than 100,000 works of art. The app makes it easy by keeping you updated with everything that happening at the museum; it has an interactive map that shows you the exact location of the exhibition and events at the camp, location aware alerts for special exhibits and interactive guided tours to choose. So this makes it easy for you if you are planning to visit or you’re at the museum it’s easy to find what you are specifically looking. Check LACMA site to download the app for android and iPhone.

2. The Field Museum

The Field Museum app is loaded with exclusive content, experiences, and curated tours and the application allows you to share your favorite art with friends and family or help you create your tours of Chicago science museum based on your individual interest or theme. Through its exclusive video and audio features, the museum’s scientists give visitors a unique experience with a greater vision into featured specimens and artifacts, of which the large museum has a huge number. To install the app Visit the field Museum website from here.

3. Louvre Museum Guide Lite

Louvre Museum Guide Lite app gives you an exclusive collection of thousand-plus art of the most famous artifacts from Louvre Museum. The app is focused on the user interaction with fully interactive maps of the museum and a clear, detailed description of each art in English. Featuring, all the stunning images from the exclusive collection, it’s arranged by the best app guides company and top-ranked authors. The app covers the important must-see artifact within the collection and will help make most of it during your visit. With its cool features to easily open the map and essential tool to navigate a vast collection of the museum, you will find it amazing. # Download from here #

4. National Gallery Lite

National Gallery Lite app a guide to National Gallery in London has a fantastic collection of Europeans painting which you can view from your phone or tablet. The gallery of the app is specifically designed with the aim of making your visit more successful and a memorable one for a lifetime. Even while you are at home, the app provides endless hours of fun and interactive learning for your enjoyment. With this app, you will able to view all the famous paintings of the gallery’s huge collection in high definition along with the painting description.

5. Natural History Museum Lite

Natural History Museum Lite- Take an unbelievable journey through the natural history museum from the comforts of your home on your couch. Learn about the magnificent dinosaurs and denizens of the deep sea, unknown mammals, magnificent birds, living legends, marine reptiles, rare fishes, and rocks. Attention-grabbing photography, unforgettable moments and fascinating facts that will blow your mind in amazement, makes this app a great way to visit your favorite Museum and enjoy its exceptional collection. You can download this app from Play store for free.


Hope you like the above article and experience the beauty of our culture through this app, Next time you are planning to visit or want to explore just download it and have lots of fun. If you like the above post, then like us and leave a comment below.